Registration Deadline

Friday, OCT 20th, 2023.

Have Your Photo Taken

Friday, Nov 10th, 2023.

Final Clearance Deadline

Friday, Oct 27th, 2023.

Apply for 2023 Graduation


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Welcome, Class Of 2023!

After all of your hard work, it’s now time for you to graduate.

Below you’ll find important information about our upcoming Graduation. 

We are proud of all of our graduates and our accomplishments over the years 

Students who have been cleared to graduate by Friday, Oct 27th, 2023  will be featured in the ceremony. All graduates’ names and awards/degrees will be featured in the Graduation program that you can download on our website before the event. 



Eligibility For Graduation
Dates & Deadlines
Graduation Fee
Graduand Photo

Check your Eligibility Status with your  H.O.D.

Graduation eligibility status definition: 

  • Eligible: means that you have met all the academic requirements of your award. Further, you may or may not still have outstanding financial obligations to the University.  
  • Incomplete: means that you have NOT met all the academic requirements of your award. For details, reach out to your respective HoDs. 

Graduation Dates & Deadlines

  • Visit the University between Friday, Nov 10th, 2023. to:
    1. Have your official Graduation Photo taken 
    2. Confirm  your Records- Official Names & results
    3. Start the Departmental Clearance Process

NB: Only students who have completed all the requirements by the stipulated deadlines shall be eligible to graduate.

Graduation Fees

  • Certificate– KShs. 5,500/=
  • Diploma– KShs. 5,500/=
  • Degree– KShs. 7,000/=

Graduand Photo Taking

Deadline date: Friday Nov 10th, 2023.

All Candidates for graduation will be required to visit the University to have their Graduation Photo in full academic regalia.

  • The academic robe is different for each of the awards presented— certificate, Diploma, and undergraduate.  
  • The hoods or tassels represent the college, school, or major field in which the student is receiving the degree. Following are the color designations for each college, school, or discipline: 
  • SBM- Brown 
  • SICT-Blue 
  • SDSS-Red 
  • SEDU-Green 

 These official Graduation photos shall be sent via email to all graduates after the ceremony. 

Bachelor's Education

Bachelor's of ARTs International Relations

Bachelor’s of Science Information Technology

Bachelor's of Commerce